Wat heb je aan een H2? Niks!

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This is just one of those moments you are glad you have a camera with you. I was in Virginia at Camp Jeep during July 15-17th. As many of you know, to attend Camp Jeep you must own a Jeep and drive it in to the event. As large as it has become during the last few years, vendors are starting to appear on the road going into the event. I had stopped at one of the vendor tents on the road leading into the event. I was in the tent looking around when out of the corner of my eye I saw a Hummer H2 pull up into the parking lot. Mind you, there were probably 20 jeeps of various types in the parking lot and a Hummer pulling into the parking lot is probably not the most welcome there. It would be like going to a Harley Davidson rally and stopping at a bar full of Harley owners on a Yamaha rice rocket. 

Well, I just happened to see the front passenger tire of the H2 spinning freely. I just assumed someone was just messing around and having fun. After looking closer, the owner had proudly pulled up his Hummer over a small tree stump in the yard. And upon trying to leave, found himself "stumped" with a problem. He had hung the frame of the H2 on the stump. The stump probably could not have been over 12" total height from the level gravel only 2-3 feet away. You can see from the pictures the height of the stump.  Well, after digging himself into the gravel a little further, he found himself in in the middle of a parking lot, parked beside a port-a-jon, with his $50,000 highly capable Hummer H2 stuck in a parking lot full of Jeeps. I was not there early on, but apparently a Wrangler owner, politely asked him if he would like to be winched off of it, and he declined that offer. 

Well, after sitting there a while and digging his rear tires further into the ground, he apparently got some help from a Liberty owner. They apparently tried using 2 of the "dangerous" type tow straps with metal hooks on them. They had the Liberty hooked up to the straps but I don't think they were successful in yanking him off the stump. So, before someone got hurt with those type straps , I offered up my looped tow strap and D ring. As I walked over there to bring it to them, the devilish side of me took over and said the following :

I will let you use my tow strap, but you have to let me use my Jeep to pull you off of it." At that point, the H2 owner, sighed and shook his head and agreed. 

I'm sure he just wanted this whole thing over because everyone was gathering and starting to take pictures and heckle him. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO GET A PICTURE OF YOUR JEEP ON THE GOOD END OF A TOW STRAP AND A H2 ON THE BAD END? I just couldn't turn this down. So, I moved my 82 Scrambler around and hooked up the D RING to his d ring on his bumper. After I got hooked up, I walked over and handed my digital camera to a guy that was standing beside the port-a-jon. I just thought he was a spectator to the whole thing so I handed him my digital camera and asked him if he could shoot the video clip of it. He agreed and I went back to the Jeep and yanked him off the stump. After unhooking the strap I walked back to get the camera. After I got the camera I noticed the guy who had my camera got into the H2. It was his son apparently. To add insult to injury, I made his son do the video clip. OOOOUCCH......

I did shake the H2 owners hand afterwards and told him it was all in fun of course. The faces of the the owner and some of the others have been blurred to protect the, well, whatever you want to call them.

$50000 for your Hummer H2
$300 for your custom H2 license plate
$450 to fill up your H2 with GAS @ $1.89/gal & 9 mpg

Pictures of your Hummer H2 on the internet being rescued by a 20 year old Jeep from a 12" stump in a parking lot beside a port-a-jon for all the internet to see 



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