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In deze sectie van Techniek wordt omschreven hoe belangrijk de taak van de bijrijder kan zijn tijdens een offroad-rit. Reeds tijdens de 4WD-cursus krijg je al uitgelegd dat een moeilijk parcour nauwelijks zonder bijrijder te rijden is. De tekst is afkomstig van een Engelstalige website en is voor ons gemak niet vertaald.

Shotgun is not the gun you use to go duck hunting with in this case. It is the person who rides beside the driver. This is a very important person. This person helps the driver.

If you ride with the same person all the time like your wife or best friend (in my case, they're one in the same) this person can be very helpful. If it's someone you take out for their first time or you just take ever now and then, what I'm about to write doesn't really apply but could and/or should.

The shotgun position is important for many reasons. In my rig the person riding shotgun helps to navigate. When we are going some place we have never been I go over the map with my wife or son (who is new to this) before we leave. I hate to have to stop and look at a map while traveling. I show them where we are going and the route I want to take. This way all have to do is drive. It works well most of the time. I still have to stop ever now and then. My son has become much better then my wife at reading a map.

Another resposibility the person riding shotgun has is to spot for the driver. On the trail the driver needs some help sometimes. The driver can't always see the trail right. The person riding shotgun can get out and guide or spot for the driver. This takes some knowledge of the rig you are in and how to drive a 4-wheeler.

For long time teams this is usually already established. For me it's not a long time partnership. We have been married for less then a year. I am still training my wife and son in the art of driving and spotting a 4x4. They are already becoming very good.

Others don't see the need for this. They know their rig and the trails they go on. Even these people should train their longtime team member these arts. What if something happened to you on the trail and you couldn't drive? Where would you be. True is the fact you should be with a group of other people. This is part of 4x4 safety. The chances of someone else riding shotgun knowing how to drive a 4x4 are very good. The chances that they know your 4x4 are very slim. And there are the times when you are out and about alone in your 4x4. You're just with your family on a well known trail going fishing or camping. What happens if you get hurt and can't drive?

For your person who rides shotgun with you almost all the time, the fact that they know how to drive is important for 4x4 safety - yours and the safety of the people with you. This makes for a better spotter and a person who can drive if needed. I like for my shotgun to be able to watch their side of the rig for the things I can't see so they can warn me of anything that might be a danger to us or damage the rig. I don't really need a spotter really. Other set of eyes looking out for me helps though.

One more reason for the person riding shotgun to know how to drive a 4x4 is the fact it could make it much more fun for everyone. If the driver and the shotgun person has the knowledge of how to drive a 4x4 it seems to make the trip that much more fun.

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