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In deze sectie van Techniek wordt omschreven welke manier van ophogen het best voor jou is. De voor- en nadelen van zowel een bodylift als een suspensionlift worden nader verklaard. De tekst is afkomstig van een Engelstalige website en is voor ons gemak niet vertaald.

How do I lift my truck? What lift should I use? Which is better, a body lift or a suspension lift? These are questions asked of me all the time, so here is my opinion.

The body lift has a few pluses and a lot of drawbacks to me. A body lift is basically spacers between the frame and body. Ride quality and driveshaft angles stay the same. It is a cheap lift to buy initially. Whatever tire you choose to use may change ride quality.

The body lift seems a good way to get the look and clear taller tires, but at times a body lift can cost more then a suspension lift. They are labor intensive to install. Brake and fuel lines usually have to be made longer or rerouted. The fuel filler hose will need to be addressed. Throttle, transmission, transfer case and emergency brakes cables may all need changes. The steering column's length and angle will have to be considered. The wiring may need to be made longer also. The radiator will need to be lowered so it lines up with the fan (you could go with an electric fan). Bumpers usually need to be raised to line up with the body. On some vehicles the body lift is just plain ugly, with a big gap showing between the frame and body. They are fine for street 4x4s, but I have found if you use a body lift on a hardcore trail rig, it will soon tear up the body, making for costly repairs.

Suspension lifts cost more ? a lot more if you have a vehicle with independent front suspension. Most of the newer 4x4s have this type of suspension.

A suspension lift increases the distance between the axle and the frame. This gives the 4x4 better ground clearance than a body lift because there is more room under the engine, transmission and transfer case. The approach and departing angles increase also. Driveshafts usually have to be made longer, and the angle of the driveshafts may need addressed. The brake lines need to be rerouted or made longer, and longer shocks will be needed. Depending on how tall a suspension lift you use, you may need to make
some changes to your steering. You ride quality may get better or worse, which again depends on the height and quality of the lift plus the way the driver drives. Handling will be worse because there will be a higher center of gravity.

For me the suspension lift is the way to go. I stay away from body lifts as best I can. I usually build older 4x4s so the suspension is usually worn out and needs to be replaced anyway.

Do your homework and thoroughly check out whichever kit you choose. Make sure you get a kit that has everything you need.

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